February 3, 2010

Pictures from Soup Kitchen Presentation on Personal Goals

"Yo quiero ser..." (I want to be...)
Melissa as a marine biologist, complete with fins made by Dayan.
Angela the "monja"!
Karyn as a carpenter - the paper saw won't cut through much!
Madonna helps the kids write their personal goals on "estrellas"
Colleen, a dancer, and Melissa, a marine biologist, strike a pose!
Angela as an "astronauta". The kids are describing what an astronaut does in their career.
Madonna poses as a police officer, while the children tell us what a police officer does and how to become one.


MSU CHM Saginaw said...

Great pictures. Thank you.

chiboot said...

Love the personal goals presentation pics! How did you determine who wore what? On a more serious note - you gave a wonderful gift to those kids!

Alan said...

Those costumes are great! It's settled. I'm gonna be a marine biologist this Halloween.

Bridget said...

Bottle up some sunshine and warm weather and bring it back with you.

Emily said...

It's difficult to decide who is cuter--the kids or you guys :)

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