February 18, 2010

Parasitos & Classe de Baile

There are some events from last week I haven´t posted about.  First, was a parasite lecture.  Problems with parasites are more prevalent here in Costa Rica than in the states.  Albendazol is an amazing drug.  After a lecture, we even got to see some specimens in class.
When we´re not in the clinic, we also like to have fun.  One of the activities we´ve been doing is dance class.  We´ve been learning salsa, merengue, cha cha cha, swing, etc.  We get 4 hours of lessons each week.  Is it awesome?


Even in Spanish class, we get down.  Sorry for the bad dancing, guys.  We were taught to make faces when we do turns.  I assure you I am king of the dance floor now(or maybe not).    But for this video, you may want to cover your eyes.


MSU CHM Saginaw said...

Wow, I don't know what to say. King of the dance floor? I hope this is part of your presentation when you return. We want a live demo, please.

Emily said...

Oh my gosh the sexy face papi chulo dance is my favorite travel video ever!

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see you embracing the culture........I think!

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