February 10, 2010

Clinic in La Promesa

La Promesa is a town close to Alajuelita (where the FIMRC clinic is) that FIMRC goes to every couple of months to offer care. We learned from Dr. Stedhem and Dajan that La Promesa is a little town in which the government had put housing developments in, and relocated people who needed housing from other parts of Costa Rica. It reminded me a bit of Habitat for Humanity from back in the States.

So we arrived at the clinic, only to find that it had been closed up. I really admire the Costa Rican FIMRC staff for being so adaptable, since they were immediately able to find a house in construction on the corner that worked pretty perfectly as a makeshift clinic. So we set up an examining table, pharmacy, psychology area, and waiting room. Now what to do? No patients! So we went door to door, and to the market, asking the residents if they had children who had not seen a doctor recently or needed medical care. Surprisingly, we only went to about a dozen houses, but here word travels fast, and by the afternoon, we already were booked for the next few days! Here are some pics of our clinic in La Promesa and of the children from the area that came for medical care, or simply to play:

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