February 7, 2010

Hola from El Salvador!

We have been in sunny El Salvador for 1 week now and it has been wonderful!

We live in beautiful San Salvador, and our clinic is in Las Delicias a rural community about a 45 minute drive away. Each morning it's similar to waking up in Costa Rica and traveling everyday to Nicaragua because the guest house in San Salvador is in a very well-to-do area while the community the clinic serves is full of homes with dirt floors and an inconsistent supply of water.

Last week we had a very full week, we gave many vaccinations, we did well-baby exams, we did a pap smear campaign for the entire community, we started taking a census going house to house, and we saw patients in the clinic. Each day we walked miles and miles up volcanoes... literally. We are really grateful to be here as the need is great. So far so good! See you next week!

*Brandee, Chanisha, Donna, Emily, Shawna, and Shirley*


Emily G said...

I am impressed that you are not all melting in the heat! The need is definitely great in poor little El Salvador, and I am glad you are all there as ambassadors of good will and kindness from the United States.

MSU CHM Saginaw said...

Congratulations, both on your work in ES and your first post! Keep it up.

Bridget said...

You go girls!!!

Tania said...

Thanks so much for all the great work you gals are doing! You´ve been such wonderful help! See ya maƱana :)

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