February 4, 2010

Greetings from Peru!

Greetings from Peru!

From left to right: Stefi (our peruvian medical student volunteer), Sarah (MSU medical student), Rosa (the clinic´s obstetrician), Judy (FIMRC Peru coordinator), Cristian (the clinic´s doctor) and Tyler (MSU medical student. This was taken in Paraiso, a very rural village at about 9,000 feet altitude.

Sarah, Tyler and Rosa in front of the Pregnant Woman Radar. Some women have to walk two hours while in labor to recieve medical care at this clinic. One of the priorities of the Peruvian Ministry of Health is to improve maternal morbidity, so this is how they track who is pregnant in the different villages.

This was a very sweet mother and her five children that we met while doing a survey in La Florida. This town is about a 20 minute walk from where we are stationed in Agallpampa. The survey is being done to assess the different medical and educational needs of the population so that we can create a mobile medical clinic.

Some of our friends in Agallpampa. These children meet us at our door each morning to see if we will be teaching english classes. They are vicious tag players, too.

This is a view outside of the place we are staying in Agallpampa. This building is the Posta de Salud, a clinic that acts as a referral point for many of the surrounding, smaller clinics.

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MSU CHM Saginaw said...

Beautiful pics Sarah. It looks like you and Tyler are doing great work. Thanks for sharing.

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