February 18, 2010

The Ballad of Sukhi Bains

Alright, so last weekend we went to Monte Verde for some fun.  One of the activities we've heard about that we "must" do was ziplining.  I did not know exactly what ziplining was before coming to Costa Rica, so for the uninitiated, ziplining is basically a way of traveling from tree to tree via a series of wires strung high off the ground.  The adventure starts when you strap on the harness, attach the carbiners to the zipline, and let gravity do the work as you plunge into the cool mist.  Saturday morning we eagerly put on some warm clothes and took the bus to the cloud forest where the ziplines are located.  It's called a cloud forest because the elevation is so high that the forest is enveloped in clouds year-round.  The activity didn't go by that smoothly, however.  Boramee explains:

With a smile on her face and bravery in her eyes, Sukhi was then transported to Clinica Biblica in San Jose, one of the top hospitals in Central America.  Surgery was required to fix her leg.  After rating her pain on the happy face scale, she was transported to the OR.

 The surgery was successful.  The nurses celebrated with a feast of a sandwich and mac & cheese served with a side of baby food.
The next day, other members of the team visited the Bains as she recovered.  It was my birthday that day and it was a great present to see that my friend was OK.

Coming soon:  Monte Verde gives Sukhi a present.


MSU CHM Saginaw said...

ALWAYS a smile. Thank you for the post. I appreicate being able to see and her Sukhi and know that, while in pain and uncomfortable, she is ok. Keep up the great work!

Paul said...

Wow Sukhi, you're pretty hard core! Hope you get better soon!


Emily G said...

Poor you Sukhi! I hope you heal up quickly!

Anonymous said...

it is amazing what pain meds will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was a trooper -- we are all proud of her resilience!

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