February 14, 2010

El Salvador


What a great week! This week we did a first aid charla, a dental health charla, door to door vaccinations, and post-partum visits. The events were all well received and very fun to organize.

To wrap up the week, we were invited to a local festival of patron saints in the community. It was a fair with a ferris wheel and everything. We wore sashes and were the prize givers for the winners of a unique event involving fast horses, a very large chopstick, and a fishing line. It was nice to see another side of the community and to participate in the celebration.

We look forward to another exciting week here in El Salvador!

Brandee, Donna, Emily, Nisha, Shawna, and Shirley


Emily G said...

Oh yes it's the famous Salvadoran chopstick horse festival of patron saints. I am so glad you all got to participate in it :)

MSU CHM Saginaw said...

Sounds like fun. Thank you for the update.

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