January 23, 2010

Yesterday's Health Fair

It's been a busy past couple of days for all of us.

Yesterday, we presented another water filtration charla, at a 3rd clinic. 

After the presentation,  we headed back to the Roberto Clemente clinic for the health fair.  By this time, the new baseball field adjacent to the clinic had been clinc, and many of the children were already playing a game.

The Baltimore Orioles donated jerseys and caps.

There was also a pinata that was put up for later in the day.

 Then there was a cultural dance performance.

 Now, time for our health fair charlas.  There was a very packed house.  Josh and I started with a smoker's lung demonstration.

Boramee talked about healthy food choices.

Sara and Sukhi discussed healthy tooth brushing habits.

Josh and I also brought out the beer goggles we made and let the children participate in a game of catch.  Will they catch the balloon?

No.  They're beer goggles.  No matter how good you are a baseball, alcohol will always mess you up.

Later, the pinata was put to good use.

 We all celebrated by going to the beach, jumping for joy, and having a great meal.

(Tanya, one of the FIMRC workers, is a both physician and a ballerina)

1 comment:

MSU CHM Saginaw said...

Does the beer goggle info come from personal experience or is this something you learned in a classroom?

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