January 25, 2010

The Peruvian Schedule

I just realized that I´ve posted many pictures, but without explaining what it is that I do here in Peru. Honestly, it´s a question we´ve been asking ourselves down here for a the past week or so & it´s always a work in progress. But for the moment, it has taken the following form:

Mornings: Hospital Belén

Monday- Pediatrics
Tuesday- Internal Medicine
Wednesday- Surgery
Thursday- Pediatrics
Friday- Obstetrics

Afternoons: Hospital Regional

Every day- Emergency

Life will be extremely different in the mountains, once I arrive with Tyler in Agallpampa. We will be working on a research study, which will be published in a medical science journal here. And I would imagine it will all shift again when we come back from Agallpampa, as there will be 2 of us! Peru will keep you posted! At least this gives an idea :)

Sending hugs from the South!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck in my country!

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