January 19, 2010

Este es bidon. Este es filtro de barro...

Today was our first visit to a public clinic, and there was a marked difference compared to the private clinic we were in yesterday.  It's free to the public, but there are less resources to go around.

At the back of the clinic was a small garden used to grow herbal remedies.

We are happy to report that the incinerator built last year was in full use.

Today we also put the finishing touches on our charla, a short lecture we made about using a water filtration system.  Contaminated water is a problem to many people here, and the implementation of water filtration systems can lead to a large impact.    We spent much of the time creating a script and memorizing it.

Some of us had less to read. Some of us had more.

So, how did it go?

The nurse putting in the first liters of agua into her new filter:

Now let's celebrate with some awesome mood lighting:


MSU CHM Saginaw said...

Come on now! What's the deal with Sukhi the giantess?

Emily said...

That video with Sukhi is hilarious. :)

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