January 26, 2010

First Aid Training

Short and sweet post.  3 videos + bonus footage.

Thursday, we have first aid session #2: CPR.


Tania Gabriela said...

Wow, These videos made my day! I´ve laughed so hard with most of them, but my favorite ones were "Josh wakes up" and "Alan deets up..." :) Seems like the 1st Aid training went well ;) Miss you guys!

Josh said...

The Josh wakes up was not funny. The Deet was funny.

Anonymous said...

You all are so cute, especially you Alan! I love watching the videos, they are so funny. Josh, it was pretty funny when they woke you up! LOL. Continue to have fun and take care of eachother! You are all doing such a great job.

Mom said...

Even thousands of miles away, you still entertain the fam, Josh.

MSU CHM Saginaw said...

I would like a Deet/bug bite update please.

Bridget said...

I would certainly like to be able to see this, but it doesn't show up on my 'puter

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