February 8, 2011

Sunday: Food Tour

Cuisine is a big part of any culture, and so this past Sunday we went on a food tour.

This was a starter we shared on our first stop.  We didn't want to spoil our appetites, but sometimes food is too good to pass up.

Our second stop.  Coffee is grown on the mountainside.  Why does it look like a waffle iron?  To collect water.

This dog was sitting close to me while I was enjoying my chocolate covered fresa, manzana, pina, y sandilla.

Our last stop was holding a large event, with both great cuisine as well as entertainment.

She sings to me as I take the photo

Uncut churro

Multiple ways of peeling mangoes

The window of what was the most fun shop in the pueblo

One of the rarer sights to see
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chiboot said...

Really enjoying your pix Alan - keep 'em coming!

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