February 1, 2011

Getting to know the Community

 Hello again,

Today was day 2 of volunteer work in El Salvador, and what a day it has been.  We started the day with Spanish lessons, and soon after that, we went with Morena to perform prenatal visits with locals.

Karyn performs a prenatal visit
 Afterwards we had lunch, and we helped out around the clinic whenever it was needed.

Angela and Madonna apply a new dressing

Homemade jewelry for sale at the clinic
Reading?  We can help with that too.
A child enjoying a book.
After lunch, with met with a number of community leaders.  We also began work decorating for a large community event coming up in about 3 weeks.  We are very excited to be working with the local community to ensure this will be a successful event!

Our neck of the woods


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Alvin those are some seriously pro pics! Madonna, I'm glad to see you're getting help with your Spanish :) Take care.

J. Boys

Anonymous said...

woops, I mean Allen. sorry.

MSU CHM Saginaw said...

Looks great, what wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oops, we really mean, Nice pics ALAN!

And, we like how Sukhi is not taller than anyone else in the photo.


Anonymous said...

I agree, the pics are amazing. I wonder if the photographer is cute too...hmmm

Have fun out there gang! I'm sure you are. Bo, I miss ya. All of you are doing some strong work.


chiboot said...

Really nice photos! (Karyn can tell you how picky I am.) I'm waiting to see a pic of Alan as well!

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