February 8, 2011

A little bit of catch up

Quick recap of the past few days...
We organized and stored the supplies we brought to El Salvador.  Some of the bins needed a little cleaning.
Boramee works on creating some posters to advertise the upcoming Campana Citilogia, where we will be performing exams for breast as well as cervical cancer.
Angie discusses what she would like the posters to say.
Emily working on a poster
Madonna and Karyn working on their posters
Angela working on a poster. 
Sukhi creating the large poster.
Thursday for Spanish lessons we went on a field trip to Joya de Ceren, an agricultural village that was buried underneath layers of ash due to a local volcanic eruption.
well-preserved pottery
One of our Spanish teachers explains the picture
We have all been having a great time thus far.  It has truly been an experience that has us immersed deep in the local culture, the health problems of today, and the history of yesteryear.

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chiboot said...

Alan, are any of the ladies ever going to help you out with this blog? Oh, wait, are you camera shy?

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