January 27, 2011

¡Comida de Peru!

WARNING: The pictures to follow may cause your mouth to water, please keep una servilleta (napkin) in hand...

One of the wonderful parts of Peruvian culture is the delicious cuisine! We have been lucky enough to have the majority of our meals prepared by our host mom, Margarita, who we are trying to convince to write a cookbook! Her food is muy, muy rico!! She makes us everything from sopas con pollo (soups with chicken) to cabrito con arroz (goat with rice). Every meal is followed with a melt-in-your-mouth fruit which has included mangos and a cactus fruit called "Tuna." Outside of our casa we have tried three different ceviches so far, but there will be more to come! Our favorite thus far was at a restaurant on the beach in Huanchaca that was sprinkled with onions and perfectly flavored with lime juice. We all fell in love!
Another delicacy in Peru is Cuy (Guinea pig). A mildly fatty meat reminiscent of duck was enjoyed by our group in Lima.
Don't worry we didn't eat the ones to the left, we saw those at the Huaca Pucllana ruins.

Additionally, Causas are a popular potato dish stuffed with chicken, seafood, and chicken. We experienced a lovely Causa prepared by our very own Margarita. ¡Deliciosa!

Last but not least, many of us have tried the national cocktail, Pisco Sour, which is created with local grape brandy, fresh lime juice, sugar, and topped with frothy egg whites.

Looking forward to experiencing more culinary wonders of Peru! ¡Buen Provecho!

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MSU CHM Saginaw said...

The napkin has been well used (although seeing the picture of the live animals next to their cooked brethren was a bit off-putting!) Thanks for the update. Sounds great.

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