February 4, 2012

Urgent care & Puerta del Diablo

Today we had the opportunity to work with Dra. Blanca (the physician we work with in Las Delicias clinic) at an urban hospital that serves as an urgent care on Saturdays. The center averages 230 patients a day, so it was definitely a busy shift!  We rotated between working with the physicians on consults, running triage, and assisting in the procedures room.  This was a great chance to be really hands-on and have lots of one-on-one time with patients who had a diversity of complaints.

Afterwards, we took the afternoon/evening to explore la Puerta del Diablo.  It translates as the Door of the Devil, named for the impressive precipice one can observe looking down from atop the mountain.  We had an incredible view of the entire city and some of the surrounding terrain.  Afterwards, we enjoyed some typical Salvadoran food in a restaurant with an amazing view, munching on the famous pupusa-- a thick tortilla dish stuffed with various toppings such as beans, cheese, and vegetables.

 Atop Puerta del Diablo!
Julie & Angela monkeying around, per usual

If you look closely, you can see Italo (our awesome transport/tour guide) in the distance!

Italo, Julie, and Steve braving the precipice

Steve pretending to fall...haha!!

Sweet girl we met on the trail, enjoying the sunset

Julie & Angela at the restaurant -- you get a glimpse of the amazing twilight view in the background

Italo confirming our massive order of pupusas :)

Tomorrow, we are excited to take on Volcano Santa Ana, complete with nested craters & hot springs!  Stay tuned...

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MSU CHM Saginaw said...

What a weekend adventure. Sounds like fun.

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